Brazil’s anti-dumping affirmative and finalies against China seamless alloy cylinders

On July 27, 202, the Brazilian Ministry of Economic Department, the implementation committee (GECEX) issued resolution 225 of 2021, which made anti-dumping affirmative final drain on China’s seamless alloy cylinders (Portuguese: Cilindros Para GNV) Decided to impose a five-year anti-dumping duty of China’s collection of products, the specific tax amount is: Hengyang Jinhua High Pressure Container Co., Ltd.) is $ 0 / piece, Anhui Green Energy Co., Ltd. (Anhui Clean Power Energy Co Ltd.) is $ 3.51 / piece; Sinoma Science \u0026 AMP; Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.) and Sino Ma science (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd. (Sinoma Science \u0026 amp; technology (jiujiang) Co., Ltd.) is $ 14.32 / piece; Zhejiang Tian Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.) and other Chinese manufacturers / exporters are $ 64.41 . The Nanyuan Tax No. 73110.00.00 is 73110.00.00. This resolution will take effect from the date of issuance. On January 31, 2020, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretary was released on the \”Federal Gazette\” No. 8 announced that the application for Brazilian Mate Quipamentos Para Gases Ltd. was submitted on October 31, 2019, which was originally produced in China. Survey of seamless alloy cylinders start anti-dumping. On September 8, 2020, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretary was released on the \”Federal Gazette\” announcement No. 60, which made anti-dumping podification of seamless alloy cylinders originating in China, and initially ruling that there is a dumping behavior involved in the case and The industry is damaged, but it is not recommended to levy temporary anti-dumping duty.