Five tips for decorating the bedroom

The bedroom is the main place where we live and the main function of the home. Tranquility and restfulness are the main tone of most bedrooms. As it belongs to a private space, it is a place of performance modification and deserves to be decorated and dressed with care. Based on the special nature of the bedroom, there are some special requirements for its decoration.

(A) privacy

The privacy characteristics of the bedroom is reflected in two parts.

1. not visible privacy

This requires it to have a tighter protection measures, which includes the strict density of the door and curtains.

(1) the material used in the door sash should be as thick as possible, should not directly use 3mm or 5mm plate closed; if using 5mm plate, it is appropriate to paste another layer of 3mm panel on the plate.

(2) the lower part of the door sash from the ground to maintain at 0.3-0.5cm.

(3) Curtains should be made of thick quality fabric; if it is a thin quality curtain, a screen layer should be added. This is beneficial to enhance the privacy of the bedroom and reduce the interference of light during sleep.

2. Do not listen to privacy

This requires a bedroom with a certain degree of sound insulation. Generally speaking, the partition of the wall is now sufficient, but there are some owners based on space considerations, like to knock down the partition wall in the middle of the two houses, and then do a two-way or one-way closet, this practice requires attention to the partition.

(B) color scheme

Bedroom decoration, due to the different living subjects, the color scheme is not the same.

1) master bedroom. The main week should be mainly warm, the ground is appropriate to use wood flooring. Do not exclude the couple in the case of aesthetic fungus with a specific style color scheme.

2) The second bedroom. The same should be mainly warm, the second bedroom is generally the elderly, the decoration should take into account the convenience of action and preferences of the elderly.

3) Children’s room. It is appropriate to use some of the more lively colors. More commonly used color scheme is the boys’ room with blues, girls’ room with pink tones or for yellow tones. You can also use some wallpaper with cartoon animals or flowers, plant patterns. Children’s rooms can also be placed more toy shelves. Children’s room can be used by the wooden floor, which is conducive to children to touch and crawl without getting cold. If there is no condition to set the wooden floor, you can also use children’s rubber mats, most of these rubber mats colorful, and some puzzle patterns or letters.

4) Babysitting room. Generally do not need to do too much decoration, dealing with the walls, floors and tops can be.

(C) lighting

Bedroom lighting requirements are not much, but it should be noted that the bedroom should not be used downward shooting lamps, it is appropriate to use the top of the light. But shine the top of the light if the incandescent lamp, it may cause the phenomenon of yellowing the top surface of the lamp (which is baked out).

If the lighting fixtures are not on the top, but on the wall, this restriction can be avoided. But now for the home, the use of wall sconces less and less, the main reason is that the wall sconce lighting range is narrow, the second is relatively few styles.

(D) environmental protection

Bedroom compared to other spaces, environmental protection is an issue that has to be mentioned. The bedroom is more closed, and the furniture is placed more. We have mentioned many times in other chapters the environmental protection of materials. Here the material is important, likewise, ventilation is also important. After the new bedroom is decorated, the medium should be well ventilated. At the same time, the newly purchased furniture should also open the cabinet doors and drawers in order to air dissipation.

(E) space

Usually, the bedroom are relatively small, and to place more things, so there is often the problem of space congestion. To solve this problem, there are a few key points.

(1) Where the cabinet that touches the ceiling, try to put it on the same wall as the door or stand in the doorway to look in when you can not see the place.

(2) where the door to see the cabinet, try not to exceed 2.2m in height.

(3) space arrangement as much as possible to leave white, that is, between the furniture needs to leave enough empty walls.

(4) Placement of decorative items as small as possible specifications. For example, decorative paintings can be used some small.

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