How to clean the bathroom sink

Bathroom washroom washbasin cleaning is important to see how to clean the washbasin, look at the advice given by the editor.

Hand wash basin cleaning general method

First prepare the cleaning tools such as rags, cleaning agents, small brushes. As the washbasin surface of the sink plug ring is easy to hide the garbage, so if there is garbage, use the clip to clip up the garbage first; then clean the surface of the sink, use a rag with detergent wrung out and wipe carefully; the plug ring at the mouth of the sink can not be wiped with a rag, then a small brush with detergent brush. After cleaning is complete, pay attention to the surface with a dry rag to wipe clean water stains.

Ceramic washbasin cleaning and maintenance precautions

Ceramic sink cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple, just use a rag wet with detergent to clean up, pay attention not to wipe with a strong friction rag. Daily dust and sand, etc. should be removed in a timely manner to prevent wear and tear on the surface. When the ceramic basin surface scratches, you can apply a little toothpaste at the scratch, wipe repeatedly with a soft cloth, and then wax.

Glass washbasin cleaning and maintenance considerations

Glass sink if you often wash your face with soap or face wash and other items, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean, you can use vinegar or neutral detergent, or toothpaste and other things to clean.

Winter sink maintenance precautions: ceramic and glass thermal conductivity is very small, heat or cold easy to break, in the winter when the temperature is very low, pay more attention to do not rinse the sink with too hot water.

Washbasin cleaning methods are roughly the above, this is one of the important components of the bathroom, a comprehensive bathroom cleaning, different places need special treatment.