my country’s imported Sierra Leone iron ore exceeded 1 million tons

On August 15th, the giant round of Argentina was fully loaded into China from Sierra Leone in the East Board of the Atlantic. It marked that the African Company of the China Temple Group broke through 1 million tons in the new Tangkri project, announced the project to achieve shipping. The pattern of tri-stereochemical, namely the berth is directly 40,000 tons of vessels, and the internal anchor will pass the 60,000-ton ship, as well as the external anchor floating crane to achieve 180,000 ton and above giant. The new Tangkri iron mine project is located in the middle of the beautiful and mysterious Sierra Leone. It has the world’s largest monomer magnetite. At present, the reserves have been reserved, ranking first in Africa, the sixth world. The project is equipped with a complete railway and port transportation system, which is officially launched in September 2020, 2021, officially launched in September 20, 2021, and realized production, railway transportation and Port of the harbor in the whole industry chain. As early as October 2020, African company took the lead in assisting the professional team to help the mine to formulate laboratory recovery programs, and officially reached a strategic cooperation with Sierra Leone Qinghua Investment Co., Ltd. to provide professional inspection technology support. The quality analysis, physical testing and weight identification of a dragon in exploration, mining, processing, transportation, and even delivery. On January 29, 2021, the first ship of Sierra Leone’s new Tangkri Rici Iron Mine Project was inspected by African company. After the Papehn port, I was first shipped in China since the project launched, marking Sierra Leone officially restarted. For the export of Hua iron ore, adding a new path for China’s iron ore source, and play a positive role in consolidating China’s territory in the field of steel. As far as date, Sierra Leone Qinghua New Tangkerili iron mine project was 1065,000 tons by African company, and 18 ships were held in China. The new Tangkri Riuri iron project is not only for the development of the Sierra Leone National Mining and Iron and Steel Industry, but also helps the development of China’s steel industry, enhance the friendship between China, and put \”all the way\” to the East coast of the African continent. (Medium Test Group)