Renovating a house in five parts

The company should be looking for renovation before what to do, find a good renovation company and should do real what, perhaps each upcoming renovation of people will be for this headache, completely confused, after all, renovation for everyone or every family is the second, buy a new house, certainly want to decorate to everyone’s satisfaction, but renovation on the way to the problem is very much, so what are the considerations in the renovation? To this end, special reference materials derived from the following five points.

One, to choose a business license issued by the relevant departments and building decoration enterprise qualification certificate of enterprises, to the relevant departments to consult, “comparison of goods”, choose a high degree of credibility, with special construction power of home improvement enterprises. When consulting and negotiating with the decoration company, you should know more about the company, such as how many designers the company has, whether they have received professional training and have several years of practical work experience, and also communicate directly with the designers to determine each other’s standards.

Secondly, determine the design scheme and project budget, tell the designer about your requirements in terms of decoration style and economy. Then, measure the room, draw drawings, choose decorative materials and make a budget. The budget of a responsible decoration company will be very detailed, including the perfect construction process, the brand, quantity, specifications, quality standards and prices of various decorative materials, all listed meticulously.

Third, the signing of the contract, the design scheme and the project budget to determine, the two sides must sign by the relevant departments or city departments to provide the standard contract text. In the signing of the contract, the quality standards of home furnishing; building materials specifications, quality, price, payment methods, construction period, etc. should be filled out clearly, once the breach of contract can be held legally responsible, in order to ensure that nothing is wrong, the contract can be notarized by the authority.
Fourth, the construction phase for supervision, into the construction phase, the need for consumers with a pair of sharp “wise eyes”, including the inspection of materials, construction process supervision, to verify that the incoming materials and construction process is consistent with the content of the decoration contract. Recently, some home improvement supervision companies have emerged in the society, which can carry out professional supervision on behalf of them.

Five, the signing of the project warranty agreement, after the project is completed and delivered on schedule, the formal decoration company are to sign a project warranty agreement with the customer, the warranty period should be at least one year. The important thing to master the five parts of decoration is to be familiar with the price of decoration. The price of renovation is mainly composed of material cost + labour cost + design cost + other costs.

Material costs: generally based on the market price, when you know the price, you should also know its material, brand and quality. You should also factor in the normal losses when purchasing, which are generally around ten percent.

Labour costs

Design fees: divided into manual design and computer design, so the cost varies, and the level of the designer also affects the level of design fees.

Other costs: these include profits, taxes, overheads, office costs, etc.

How to confirm the price of the decoration? For a set of living room with an area of seventy square metres, the decoration price (material + labour + design + other costs) per square metre costing less than five hundred yuan is classified as low grade, five hundred to one thousand yuan as mid-range and more than one thousand yuan as. The difference between high, medium and low grade is mainly reflected in the material costs, such as wood flooring is solid wood flooring, or laminate flooring. The price of solid wood flooring is the main part of the renovation price bracket, as the sanitary ware ranges from one or two hundred to one or two thousand or ten thousand.

Customers can take two ways to negotiate with the decoration company.

The first one is to quote the input price and the decoration company will help you design and calculate according to the amount of money you provide.

The second way is for the client to put forward their requirements and for the decoration company to propose a price, which is then approved by the client. But no matter what way you use, you have to grasp the principle of “less money, more work” and remember that “a penny is a penny”. Do not blindly arbitrarily low prices, excessive stinginess, price, will make the decoration company in other areas to reduce expenditure, the quality of decoration is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. In addition, in the quotation to indicate the cost of each item, including what brand, what model, what specifications, the unit price and the total price